Mumble Diskussioner: This Thing

  • clinomania

    mumbled "This Thing"

    4 years agoSvar

    1. Sometimes, not with my friends but with random strangers
    2. 2- not necessarily of the dark but what's in the dark
    3. I have no idea, but maybe the zodiac killer.
    4. Super-Cala-Fraga-Listic-Expi-Alla-Douces
    5. A cherry tree
    6. Oh Shit
    7. A dark grey shirt that says ' Pizza Is Bae '
    8. A fangirl
    9. Medium
    10. Watching a random t.v show while cuddling with my dog and making up impossible scenerions
    11. 11, it was fun
    12. My dog, altough he was just using me for food
    13. People that I don't like
    14. Ummm.... Just some peony's
    15. Nope, unless we are talking about celebrities
    16. Greenlight, 5sos
    17. The leader of isis
    18. Aww, just one. Well, one of my enemies
    19. Idk, maybe, well , idk
    20. My eyes
    21. I would have blue eyes, brown hair like mine, it would be like swooped across the forehead and I would wear a band tee and skinnies, I'd have a shaved face and I'd go out with my friends and have some beers
    22. I can sing, i can roll my tounge, ummmm i can do the spock hand thingie.
    23. Flavored hot tubs?
    24. So, toasted bread, butter, bacon, and yeah

    I nominate ...
    @[c'mon,smile!its easy,see?]
    4 years ago
    What's the zodiac killer?