Uncle Mitchy Kay☕   Eve Smallman

  • Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
    Ah Enya, you little rascal :O I hope you have a good day today and sleep well tonight cuz sleep is important XD it's like the lifeblood of all things except not. So I don't know what it is. Anyway just wanted to say: thanks for everything you do for me. Don't ask why or what, but since like day 1 which would've been... you reading one of my stories and giving feedback, thanks for the great memories and beyond XD
    Uncle Mitchy Kay☕
    Ps. When I grow up I'm gonna name my daughter after you and then ship her off to you so that she can be trained as your twin- and then hopefully reveal to me the secret of this British tea!! XD but yeah thanks have a good dayz :D
    Eve Smallman
    4 years ago
    Am I :0? Oh thank you so much, this really made me smile :). And you don't need to thank me, the pleasure is allllll mine! Yknow actually, I commented on your mumble about Christmas stuff XD.

    RE:PS: I wanna say that'd be creepy, but that'd be kinda cool, like for the summer I could keep her or something :D thanks, hope you're sleeping well and that you have a good day also :)