• halfevil333

    mumbled "Woah I haven't been on in a few years..."

    4 years agoSvar
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    I haven't gotten on movellas in a few years, So i just cleared out literally everything. I'm such a different person now that it's literally insane! I hope to spend some of my time writing more though. We'll see how this goes! I only left two stories, one a finished one with sentimental value up (it sucks) and one I won a competition with (Um it's okay but I still think it's pretty bad,).
    But yo yo yo~ I'm talking to no one though but oh well- cx ♥
    4 years ago
    Ok well I was on a year ago but I was still not on a lot. Bruh, same thing- cx
    4 years ago
    Welcome back! I recently rejoined, too, so we're in it together xD
    Jess N
    4 years ago
    Welcome back! Can't wait to read your new writing. :)