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    4 years agoSvar
    So, as some of you may already know, me and four of my friends @[Brooke Brighton] @[Lia Brocker] @[Alice.Clark.Son] and @[Trisha Rose] are doing a project for English. The project idea is about young writing platforms, and to learn and experience one in a group.

    We are in five groups of five, and our group has been given movellas.

    The basic aim of the project is that we will have two people who review writing, one person who writes stories/novels, one who writes poetry, and one who makes covers/banners etc. for members of the site.

    We would like to ask some of you to perhaps promote this project with the hashtag #massmovellasproject

    We hope to meet you all and forge relationships.

    Thank you!

    Lia, Brooke, Trisha, Alice and Christine

    Le Fox
    4 years ago
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    I'll promote it if you like. I'd also suggest for you to speak to @[GeorgiaT] , the community manager.
    4 years ago
    I second that ^^