• mrs_maliik

    mumbled "Once a directioner always a directioner"

    5 years agoSvar

    There is going to come a day when we've all grown up, have a career, get married and maybe have kids, when we're all going about our daily routine. Maybe your driving to work with the car radio on and then you'll hear the sound... you haven't heard it in a long time, the sound of those cow bells first playing in "What Makes You Beautiful", you'll remember every word and it brings everything back. You'll pull over to the side of the road, with tears rolling down your face. You'll remember those five boy you used to love, who changed your life, who you had posters of up on your bedroom wall, who saved many lives, who brought smiles to millions of faces, who made lots of girls feel beautiful for 3mins and 27secs. You'll remember all the good times, all the love, all the tears, all the smiles, all the laughs, all the inside jokes that no one would get, all the concerts, crying over not getting tickets, all the CDs you waited for, standing in the freezing cold or burning heat waiting for them to arrive. It was all worth it. The bashing towards the haters, the stupid Directioners who didn't know any song apart from "WMYB" and didn't know that "Torn" was their first song. The tears would all come back to you. Those memories will make you remember the awsome time you had, the memories will be playing like a movie in your head. The boys who might of saved your life, or just simply made you the happiest girl on earth. Your kids will probably ask you "Who are those boys mummy?" But you'd just shake your head because they would never understand how a boy band could change your life, they would'nt understand how a common love for a band could bring so many friends from around the globe, who share the same love for those five boys, together as one. Then, you'll just continue your life but a part of you will remember your younger years fangirling over them, no matter how old you'll be, or where you'll be, you will always love Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall and Louis. The five lads who changed life for the better and made "history". From The Bottom Of The Stairs, To The Top Of The World. One Band, One Dream, One Direction.

    WHO EVER WROTE THIS WTF IM CRYING!!! YAS ONCE A DIRECTIONER ALWAYS A DIRECTIONER. For life no matter what! I will love 1D forever even after I'm dead! <3
    비니 콩
    5 years ago
    One Direction five-ever. <3 Luv them all and nothing ever could change that.
    Jordan Hobbs
    4 months ago
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