Mumble Diskussioner: Goodbye ^_^

  • Queen of The Dragon-Owls

    mumbled "Goodbye ^_^"

    (This quote made me think of you guys.)
    Dear and its users,

    I shall keep things short and sweet. This isn't a sudden or sad occurrence, considering I haven't really been online for a good few months.
    Thank you so much for all the support and love over the past years, I've had a great time on this site but as I don't really post any more I've decided to make my absence definite. I will be leaving all my "work" on here (and to anyone who continues to read it - thank you, past me would be extremely happy).
    Again I give my thanks to everyone who has ever liked or commented, it does mean a lot to me.
    Good bye x
    Queen of The Dragon-Owls
    Typical. My last mumble and the image messes up. See the above post for the quote. X
    6 years ago
    I'll miss you! :(
    6 years ago
    aww bye :(
    N. Tonks
    6 years ago
    All the best x
    White Ravens
    6 years ago
    I'll miss you so much! But good luck for the future and please keep writing even if it's not on here! You're so talented and I'd love to maybe be able to read your work again someday on the library shelves!! :D x