Mumble Diskussioner: 3rd HELP!!!!

  • No_MercyFighter

    mumbled "3rd HELP!!!!"

    This is about my book, so if you haven't read it already then GO NOW but keep in mind that I wrote this especially for you and that you must come back to this and respond. Or comment on my book, but either way I need some feedback.
    So in my 2nd A/N I said that I needed your guys help with deciding if I should stop, delete or move it to wattpad because I owe it to my readers on telling them if I decide to do so.
    Please, please, please! answer these questions for me. And no holding back!

    #1 What do you like or don't like about the book? (be completely honest)
    #2 What do you guys feel while reading? Like are you interested at all or...?
    #3 Is it confusing when I change POV's or Should I just do 1 or 2 POv's max?
    #4 What do you predict the future of this book will be? Like do you think that it will eventually get popular or is it a lost cause and completely hopeless?
    #5 What is your honest opinion about it?
    Thank you for being so cooperative and PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much but I don't think movellas is for me. I will take your opinions into consideration once I start my book on wattpad. I honestly thank you for your response and help. I hope you'll read my book on wattpad it will be very similar to E.A.R. but also different. Help me promote it?