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    Hey guys,
    I know that no one ever reads these (because no one ever replies...) but I just thought I'd share with you how much fun I'm having writing Hermione!
    I went looking for a first year timetable, so I've been working on that all morning, as well as a new chapter! :D
    I might even have it finished today!

    On another note, I realise that I've lost a fan ~ although 27 is fab, considering I hardly ever update and my writing isn't even that good, I feel really downhearted that I've bored someone enough for them to un-click the fan button. I don't know what to do!

    If anyone really wants to make my day, feel free to reply and tell me how I can get more fans! :')

    Always. ~snowflake~
    Annabeth Fett
    5 years ago
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    I keep losing fans

    And I'm at school most of the time

    Curse you school
    When I'd rather be a Jedi