Mumble Diskussioner: New booooks

  • SarahJessica1d

    mumbled "New booooks"

    So besides for finishing Two Voices One Song (hoping to be done by July)
    I have three choices of New movellasss yas
    I will upload the blurbs later
    But I'll give you a but of a hint now
    Niall fanfic - :)))))))
    Liam fanfic - :)))))))
    Harry fanfic - :)))))) - If you guys want a third book to the Inseparable series, and I also have a new idea.
    I feel like the Niall/Liam fanfic is more likely now because Im not so sure about the Harry one.
    But just to let y'all knoww ------- I may have a cover contestttttt yas
    So Ill upload the blurbs later ;) and you guys will decided