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    We're doing Romeo & Juliet in school. Personally, I don't like it, but how bad, sure? My English teacher is so amazing that she's bringing the new movie in for us to watch after school. She's buying us sweets and all.. ♥ What do you think of my mask?? ;)
    I Am Batman
    6 years ago
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    You're so pretty!! :O I'm jealous. ;) Your eyes are so blue... <3 How are you so good at taking pictures? Mine always turn out really bad!! :( The mask is class, btw. I'm assuming you're doing Juliet. :) xx
    Awh, thanks, hun. I'm actually not, though. Ask anyone who knows me! :O I just love my camera, haha. :P No, haha, I'm not pretty enough to be Juliet. :) Thanks, I do love my mask.. ♥ xx