Mumble Diskussioner: School Starts TOMORROW!!

  • ZianourryLove

    mumbled "School Starts TOMORROW!!"

    NO!!! :(
    School starts tomorrow...
    At least I'm only there for like an hour, to get my schedule and meet my homeroom teacher,
    But they after tomorrow is a regular school day!!!
    That's like 8 hours of school!!!
    5 DAYS a WEEK!!!!
    Oh my goodness!!! :o
    Mmm I'll survive lol...
    I get to see my friends.... YAHOOO!!! :D
    Updating may, or probably WILL be slow.. :(
    Sorry!! *heavy sigh*
    6 years ago
    Day after tomorrow*
    6 years ago
    OH MY GAWWWD!!!! How do you survive??!! I would be like x.x !!!!!!
    That's insane!!! I feel so bad for you!!! :o :o