Beat Girl: Fan Fiction Competition

Beat Girl: Continue the story at Movellas

At Movellas we just do not rest. We have teamed up with beActive, the same people that have been bringing you the incredible Beat Girl series, for one of our best competitions yet!


So here are the details. First, catch up on everything that has been happening in the Beat Girl story here. Follow the links to youtube, twitter and pinterest - the story gets everywhere! Now, once you have had a great time doing that, it is time to get writing some fan fiction! Below is a pretty nifty little storyline and set of characters to get you started... what more could you ask for?  


"Amy is Heather’s best friend. She’s a young fashion designer trying to survive in the fashion world. Her friend Steve is helping her set up her own clothing line but, as with any business start-up, they are experiencing more than their share of problems.

Steve and Amy bonded during the very first week at London’s Design College when they quickly established that they were both into deconstructionist fashion, becoming close friends almost instantly. So strong was their bond that, after finishing college, they teamed up to run a studio."

What problems and challenges do you imagine they faced during the set up of their studio? Who is Amy and Steve? We want to know more about them and we want you to write the story!

Character's description from Heather's voice


























It can be a short story, poem or ongoing novel. There are no age restictions and you can enter from anywhere in the world!

1st Prize: A tablet and a chance to be published by beActive

Runners-up (4): A copy of the Beat Girl book


Get reading Beat Girl, and then get writing Movellians!


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