Competition: Write about an image



Write a story about this image. What happened to the girl? Where is she running to? Or what is she running from? You can write about whatever you want and in any genre you want – as long as it is in some way connected to the image of the girl.



The winner gets “The Fallen and Leviathan” and “Aerie and Reckoning”, the 1st and 2nd volumes in the amazing series “The Fallen” by Thomas Sniegoski. The series is about the orphaned Aaron who on his 18th birthday discovers that he possesses strange and supernatural powers. Only then does he realize what he is and understand his mission: He must unite the fallen angels. Aaron tries to fight his destiny, but strong forces draw him into the battle between good and evil…




You help us decide who wins! The winner will be chosen by the Movellas judges among the most popular entries based on likes, reads, favourite-lists and comments. You can use Facebook and Twitter to get more readers – and you are welcome to promote your story on our Facebook site too.



Good luck  - we are looking forward to reading your stories!

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