Reincarnation: Fate or Fantasy?

by , Wednesday September 20, 2017
Reincarnation: Fate or Fantasy?

Reincarnation: Fate or Fantasy?

We want to know what you all think about reincarnation and if this is real, or something closer to fiction...





the rebirth of a soul in another body or vessel.



Reincarnation is a really interesting topic throughout society. Some religions firmly believe in it, some don’t. Personally, I’m in the middle, not a firm supporter of both. It has always interested me to know who’s body I was in, in my last life, if I was in fact in one.


And what would I be doing in my next life? 

In Hinduism and Buddhism, reincarnation is when the soul comes back to the physical realm in a new body. Once this person/animal/entity dies, the soul repeats the process. This cycle is called Samsara. I find this interesting because if you think about it, your soul might have been in hundreds of other bodies before you...

You may see those articles on news sites saying, “SHOCKING! Reincarnation IS real! Real Evidence!” Well, you never know if they're true or not because let's face it, there's no real way to know these things.



Reincarnation is a really interesting topic and we're interested to hear what you all think about it! Are you a believer? Do you think it's different in reality than in this way of understanding it? Life or death, we're all in this together and in thinking about mortality and where our souls flit off to is one way to inspire great stories on the subject ;) So let us know... what do you think about reincarnation? 


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