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by , Friday September 8, 2017
 Write On


Introducing Me


Hello fellow Movellians,

I'm AonRao. I'm fairly new to this Movellas. I started an account here on this site around five years ago, but due to some personal issues, I had to take time away. 

But I'm back! I have new content, mainly poetry and prose, that I would like to share in the coming weeks. (It feels good to feel the keys beneath my fingertips again.)

I love getting feedback and good CC so if you have any suggestions for how to improve or if you see any inconsistencies, leave a comment. I also love reading new pieces. If you want me to read your work and give feedback, let me know and I'd be happy to oblige. Even if you don't want feedback and just want someone to read your work, I'm down. Just let me know. 

I look forward to hearing from you all and I look forward to getting my work out there again. 


Peace & love,


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