what up!

by , Thursday August 31, 2017

ola amigo's

i am so sorry that i haven't yet introduced myself yet. but hello, im bluebird love. i am currently in school so ive had a lot going on. anyways, i hope that you've been enjoying my stories (even though there are onlyh two (: ).

some of you may have already read my book deadly love. just a heads up, hopefully i will soon be writing more chapters. but that also depends on if i have time. i am also writing two new stories so start getting excited. i also hope that you have enjoyed my short story (which i cant remember the name of right now) about the young girl who becomes a demon child on a mission.

i can't wait to find out what you think!

(and please, if you have any ideas for my book or needed improvements please let me know.)

thanks for everything!

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