Sanitized India vs Saintized India

by , Saturday August 26, 2017

Time to flush out our misplaced faith in goddamn godman just like we do with our shit!

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The events unfolded in the last two days in India will clearly sicken a right thinking individual.A person convicted by the honourable court of law for assaulting and attacking the modesty of a woman has been getting undue attention.Normally,this is a case of a usual trial and verdict happening in any case where the court has pronounced its verdict.But two days before the judgement,it started making all the headlines.Why?


Well because the person in question happens to be a righteous,miraculous goddamn who has solutions for all you problems and whatever he touches turns to gold.And he has a very divine way of clearing all your sins(strictly for women,unless of course his tastes vary),to force himself upon them and simply use his body to purify you.So,inevitably when you term his divine work as rape,.......You moron!How dare You! We the supporters of Baba Ram Rahim,will gather in large numbers to the place with sticks and knives and oppose this tooth and nail.We will burn the city,vandalise the buses,get killed,mock judiciray,mock the rule of law.
Because he didn't rape,he was making your body ready to get a ticket to the heavens.


Sad but truth,such state of affairs exist till date in this country.Where the establishment, in foresight,couldn't prevent this violence

Couldn't prevent loss of lives,destruction of public property and what not.Why have our police forces become emasculated by those in power?Why are our minds still prisoners of these unscrupolous godmen who can never be more ungodly or unholy? When do we get free from the clutches of superstitions that has continuously found place in our society?


Answer is simple.Now! 


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