College life

by , Saturday August 26, 2017
College life

College Life


I have always wanted to write a book but of what though. I had thought about doing one on my life or Married to addiction but I wasn't quite sure on what I wanted to do. So as I was playing these little story games on apps on my phone. I thought why not combine them together. So in the story you are about to read some of the charcters are a real live person some are just fake and some scenes hadn't happened in life just made up and some are real can you guess the real ones.

Its going to be a great and nervous year of being freshmen in college, Said Ashley. Don't you agree Ashlee? If you say so, I hope this year goes fast she replied back. Oh, Ashley Sindel said, you need to get over Nick, he was controling lame and very disrespectful Sindel replied. And you know what is crazy, Ashlee said Ashley. What she replied. You, your little sister and I are gonna be roommates!!! Yeah, what do you know, who knew two sisters will be going to the same college in the same year and start off as freshmen together. You know that is true Ashley and Sinde that is weird. 

Girl's you ready!!! Got your things in the car, its about time to get check into your dorms and meet your other roommate. Mom yelled.

Well here goes nothing we all said.........


If you really want to know what happens this first year of these freshmen in college, wait for book 1 to come out and you will find out. Who knows there could be part two.

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