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by , Thursday August 24, 2017

Dear anyone reading this blog,

By Mikayla

Four years ago, I wouldn't have imagined being part of such a beautiful community, I wouldn't have imagined having people that I could talk to whenever I wanted and they would talk to me. I wouldn't have imagined telling my story and people actually listening. This past year has been truly a blessing. I've met people, they've shared their stories, they show their love and it has made me a better person. In light of you sharing yourselves with me, I want to share myself with you. 

As a child, my parents divorced when I was eight and for a period of six years I was abused mentally and physically by my stepfather. Three years ago I was in the midst of dark depression that shattered my dreams of ever curing cancer. I give credit to my happiness to a show and I give credit of ending my pain to two certain actresses but in fact it's so much deeper than that. I can only really write it out in steps. 

  1. I was depressed
  2. Three years ago I was watching YouTube
  3. I looked up modern day fairytales
  4. Three pages over I found the pilot episode of OUAT from 2011
  5. I clicked and watched three seasons in two weeks
  6. I watched about four episodes a night
  7. Watching Lana as Regina I was happy
  8. In S3 watching Rebecca as Zelena also made me happy
  9. My stepdad tried to rip away my happiness.
  10. I wanted to become an actress so I studied
  11. I watched interview after interview of Lana Parrilla, watched tributes, videos and comic cons.
  12. I signed up for Twitter
  13. At first I just tweeted Lana and poured my heart out, I didn't get on that much
  14. My dad started coming around
  15. In September I joined Movellas and published my stories
  16. I soon realized Lana wasn't going to ever notice me. 
  17. In October I turned to Bex and she noticed me
  18. Lana retweeted a retweet but it was too late. I had already moved on
  19. Everyday I pray to meet both of them
  20. I feel deep in my heart that they are saved
  21. I met Tiffany and we spent hours talking to each other
  22. Tiffany blocked me after Bex liked my tweet for the fourth time
  23. I joined instagram and Bex liked my post and comments
  24. I became and Evil Regal and My Pretty
  25. I moved in with my dad
  26. I got saved
  27. I relapsed twice in the same week
  28. Now I am happy, because I am loved
  29. I want to thank all of you for being so supportive
  30. This is number 30 so YAY! I'm done. 
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