High school day 1 aftermath

by , Saturday August 19, 2017
High school day 1 aftermath


Boys, Boys, and more Boys

So the first day was horrible. I made only one new girl-friend, and all other guy friends. Plus get this, My old crush ran up to me after school and said stuff like,"Hey I feel like you liked me in the 8th grade." I said pffft no!

Then he was like, "I liked you but was too afraid to make a move."

WHAT THE HELL! could you have not told me that in 8th grade????!!!!! I would have so dated you!!!


Anyways I got hit on by a bunch of random boys. They weren't cute probably because I've been watching the show, "Teen Wolf" and I have higher expectations.


My friend group was the same plus newbies. It was kind of awkward. Mainly because I only have boy friends, and like 2 girlfriends. LMAO XD XD


Drama? Oh hell yea. Like I said I was popular in Middle school. I don't want to name names so I'll call this girl Rags. I had Rags back when she was bullied and I was always so kind to her! I don't understand why she burnt a picture of me for the whole world to see-literally! This girl has friends all over the world.


But anyways she told some other girls that I haven't met yet that I was a, "Whore." "Ugly." "Bitch." You know the drill.


But when I got the chance, I smiled at Rag's because what can I say, KILL EM WITH KINDNESS!


Okay more drama-My kinda-not-really-ex-boyfriend and I had some serious beef in the summer. Basically I liked him, he liked me, second semester came, he was a DICK, I left him alone, and he slid in my DMS. Calling me, "Amazing" and what not.


Like what the hell..? NO! I told him to avoid me right, but then god hates me. I pull into the school on a friday morning and there he is, crossing the street right in front of my car. We were the only ones in the lot too.


Eventually he saw my sister laughing, and boom-I knew, my life was ended.


I begged my mom, "Pleeeeaaaseee!!! hurry pull in!!!! I needa blast out!!" 


And, I did.


You wanna know why else high school sucks?


He takes the exact same walking route home. -.-



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