New Story Snippet (Idk, Maybe)


New story idea I've been playing with a bit. It's about realizing a love -- something like that. Not sure what this is going to turn into. Hopefully a full story on Movellas! ˅˅˅


   It was an undeniably bizarre feeling. As I watched Rose put up her golden hair, her bare neck now visible to me, I felt such a sensation that could only be described as odd.

    In that moment, I thought so strongly, what am I doing here? We were nothing alike. We were friends once, maybe, but now? Now I felt like an outsider standing next to her. I had grown up to be a misfit, a loner no one wanted to know. Rose had grown to be the star of the school, shining with her lioness mane and big eyes. She was the leader, I the follower -- no, the difter. Getting lost in the current, stuck in the side banks,  that was me. The tide seemed to carry her, though. Rose was always just flowing.

    So, why, junior year, did she decide to suddenly start talking to me again? Was it because we were in the same drama class and she felt sorry for me? Was I nothing but some charity case?

    The feeling grew stronger.

    I didn’t want to look like some weakling in front of her. I could be brave and stunning and self-assured too.

    “Jess, could you hand me that hair-tie?” Her voice rang in my ears, a distant echo protruding my thoughts. She was sitting at her vanity, glowing in the lamp light.

    My limbs wouldn’t move. With my hands in fists, I could do nothing but glare at the back of her neck. Why did she make me feel this way? How come Rose made me feel so small? She wasn’t that great. She was just another popular person, no one special. Right? Rose was just a regular girl who had been put up on a pedestal.

    Rose was nothing to me.

    Slowly, I turned to my right, grabbing the hair-tie from the nightstand knob. From the corner of my eye, I glanced back at her desk mirror. Rose’s gaze was on me. She looked… strange. I’d never seen such an expression on anyone before. Did she even realize she was making that face?

    Noticing I had been staring at her for too long, I hurriedly shoved the tie in her hand and took to just looking at my feet.

    Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop feeling weird!

    In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to flee.

    But… why?



  Tell me what you think! Should I develop this further? Comment below! I listened to "Most Emotional Music Ever: 'Ocean Foam' by Cicada" while writing this. 




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