Barn Burning

by , Thursday August 10, 2017
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                                    Barn Burning

The Barn Burns

There was a store in front of the Court Building.  With a small boy that sat on the steps and his nose smelled cheese.  He could see the cheese and it made his mouth water.  Coming from the scarlet devils.  The smell and sense just a little fear because mostly of despair and grief.  The fierce pull of blood. His father's enemy sat there staring at him.

It took over his senses and he was still.  So silent you could hear a needle drop.  His father had not said a word.  Then he spoke up and said.  The hog got into my corn.  He had no fence that would hold it.  I told him,  warned him.  I gave him enough wire to patch the pen up.  When he came to get it.  The next time I put the hog up and I kept him.  I went to his house and saw the wire.  It was rolled in his yard.  I told him to give me a dollar and I would give him the hog back.  That night he came and gave me the dollar.  He got the hog  but he was a strange man because he said I hope your barn burns.  

I don't know what became of him,  when he left I never saw him again.  I told him to get the boy that he would know.  I said the little boy.  He was small for his age and his pants were to large for him.  With hair rhat looked like it had not been combed in a long time.  His eyes were wild,  he looked at the men as they looked at him.  His father did not even look at him.  The boy knew then he would be hit.


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