Life Of A Teenage Expat

by , Monday August 7, 2017
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Life Of A Teenage Expat

Introductions & a little speech of Love

You can definitely become addicted to a certain life style, here is my addiction...

This blog, I suppose, is going to be my substitute for posting my works on Movellas. As the title states, I'm a teenage expat, meaning I live in one country for a few years and then move on to another country, because of my stepdads job. This form of living comes with a lot of pros as well as some cons, and overall might be difficult to adjust to in the beginning, it was for me.

I really enjoy this life style because I get to meet a lot of new friends from all over the world and explore new countries as well as new and interesting cultures. During the three years my family and I lived in Germany I travelled more than I can remember travelling before. On weekends we would often drive to Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland and so many other wonderful places. I got hooked on the travelling part of this life and know that we are back in Denmark, which is where I'm from, I miss just being able to hop in the car and only being a few hours from all sorts of adventures. Not that I don't love my native country, but I guess I got addicted so to speak, and now I really want to relocate to another country. The only thing I hate, yes hate, about it all are the goodbyes, because every time I make a new friend at whatever international, high standard school I'm at, I know that the goodbye in inevitable, because we all have to move away seeing as that is how the expat life works. The worst one was when I said goodbye to my BFF, who i met during my stay in Germany. I don't think I ever cried that much, not even when my dad died, I was four so I guess that explains it. Thank god for modern technology though! And up to this day she remains my best friend. It makes establishing a romantic relationship hard though, trust me, I tried, but I don't believe it's impossible. The word even says I'm possible, so I'm not giving up.

Now, enough about me and on to something entirely different. If you look at the news and newspapers and social media you will notice that they have a tendency  of focusing on the negative things going on in the world. Which might lead one to believe that hate and war rules most of our world, but I believe this statement to be untrue. Because of the life I lead I spend a lot of time in airports, especially Copenhagen Airport. My favorite spot at the Copenhagen Airpost is by far the arrivals gate because never once have I seen hate or war in the arrivals gate. I've only seen love and reunion. Families and friends, myself included whenever I'm picking up my stepdad from a business trip with my mom, waiting in anticipation and excitement. How their faces light up when their loved ones walk walk through the door. How they embrace each other like their life depends on it. How the gate seems filled with laughter and smiles. And even though it's not newsworthy in the eyes of the media, it's there, the joy and love is there and to me, it will always be right there.


So, that is the end of my first ever blog post. Please tell me how I did in the comments and of course I don't mind if you guys have some questions about me you want answered, I'll adress them in my next post. Speaking of my next post, I have no idea when that will be because let's be real, there's not all that much blog-worthy material in my life ;D 

Till next time,


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