Whoa, Its Been 3 Years. Who Knew?

Been Too Long BC IDK What This Blog Thing Is


      Whoa, its been a while! A long while, too long of a while, if you ask me. You all can thank college for that. I pity the souls that attend it, its dreadful, for me at least. I've had no time for leisure writing, only essay after essay after essay.

        It completely sucked me dry and I felt so lost without my true creative expression. 

        However, when I got my English classes out of the way (some quite upper level by the way, XD), I realized that I had lost my mojo! I couldn't write ANYTHING. Nothing sounded right. So, I've created little exercises for myself to try and spark something decent. The results are what you're about to read. They're just little snip-its of random writing. I got inspiration from playing a song and then finding a random photo to just write about, then went from there. 

        Well, I know its nothing fancy, but they're all I could muster at the moment. I miss sharing what I do. They're written from my favorite to least, 3 in all. So, here you go: ˅˅


        1.) Show, Don't Tell

        He was quiet. He always seemed to be quiet in the moments I wanted him to speak the most. “Five in the morning,” he had said on the phone earlier, “Gordon’s Park.”

        Well, I was there then. Walking up slowly behind him as he sat silently on a bench. The snow had stopped falling hours before but the freezing cold still lingered. Here it was five-thirty and he has yet to utter a single word.

        My thumbs twisted in my lap as we sat. Had he woken me up this early for nothing?

       I turned to him, opening my mouth, fully intending to break the silence… only to shut it again, returning to the quiet. No. No. Nevermind. I turned once more, this time jumping back a little when I saw that he had turned to face me. Then he just stayed like that, unmoving, not even his mouth.

        Seriously? “Adam! Just say it!”

        I already knew what was coming. I just wanted it over with.

       Once again, his mouth was still unmoving. Instead, his hand did the moving. He slid an arm under mine, interlacing our fingers when our palms met. I frowned, opened my mouth, then shut it.

       Sighing, I used my other hand to prop up my head on my knee. We held hands and the silence stayed.

        Typical Adam, letting his actions do all the talking.


        2.) Cleansing of the Rain

        The cement roared from the rain, clattering everywhere. I had tucked my umbrella away long ago. I wanted to feel something.

        The rain, I wanted it to wash all over me. I wanted to feel the patter of it on my skin. The coldness, the wetness, I wanted to experience it all right this moment. I felt so alive in the rain. The water beating off of me was proof that I was there, existing, a solid form.

        I wasn’t melting away from the sadness any longer. I was awake. I was breathing in the humid air. My feet were firmly on the ground as I stood looking over the Bayside bridge.

        The water was right there, below me. For the first time in a long while, I didn’t want to jump in. This great rain was cleaning my head, for this moment at least – at last. Gray clouds stood at a standstill over me; they didn’t weigh me down anymore. They made me want to reach up and sore through them.

        I wanted to descend like the rain, clear and freefalling. I was soaking wet and I loved it. I was actually cold! The numbness was subsiding. I was finally feeling, feeling alive.

        The buildings, the earth seemed so big and widespread. I could go anywhere and see anything. Endless possibilities in all directions.

        I felt like being. I wanted to be alive.

        The rain was alive.


       3.) Through the Window

        The mountain stared back at me. I wanted to go back to the meadow. It was so close and yet so far. If I reached out, I was sure I could touch it.

        Damian said never to go there alone again. Why? Did he not like it there?

        How could he not? It was a beautiful place.

        “There is only death there, Sarah.” He had said. Was he being metaphorical? Did he think I would get lost in the beauty of it all and just stay there forever? Was he afraid to lose me? Just like mom, he didn’t want to lose her either.

         I could go. It would be so easy to leave this place, follow the path and see that meadow again. Shall I?

         I looked over my shoulder, looking for a reason not to. Would a voice call out no? Would a glowing force drag me by my wits and lock me away? I saw no such thing.

         I turned back to the window, the mountain stared back at me.



        Thanks for reading! ♥ Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! Let me know if you'd like me to tell you the song and picture I used as inspiration for these writings. (: Later!




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