Insomniac ramblings

by , Wednesday August 2, 2017
The house is in dissaray im or should I say Colin is painting inside ,we or rather he had to wallpaper the lounge after i got this real bargain wallpaper in sasolburg and brought it all the way home ,yep who can resist off white wallpaper marked down from 1800 rand to R400 ,yep not me i had the boys carry it as hand luggage on the plain,kinda brings the old movie image to mind of a passenger riding on a mexican bus in between people sitting with live chicken on boxes .but I digress I have been awake for almost 39 hours and the brain still wide awake ,my eyes are burning though back so sore I just cant sleep despite sleep ing pill The trip to Sasolburg was good just to get completely away , Jacky put a little copper bell next to my bed and instructed everybody to respond if i should ring ,she also cooked my favourite foods ,baked bread,hertzoggies ,roasts ,rootie and curry and maize meal and oats ,yep warm porridge for instead of the cardboard cereals i get at home ,so needles to say I paid to postpone my and the boys flights just to stay an extra 5 days Oh yes I figured out the benefits of DSTV explorer and all the crime series I like was recorded for me so whenever I felt like lying in their tv room I could watch biiiig TV ๐Ÿ˜„ so after that lovely period of spoil and just resting and switching my brain off its back home for me with all the chaos and problems ,so today was the therapist at Vincent Pallotti and Tomorrow the Pain specialist at yesss Vincent Pallotti , yep I should have taken shares out in that hospital. The old eyes burning a bit much now so I better close ,Colin cooked a lovely lamb brown stew and my little heart mind and salivary glands wants the left overs ,need the left overs but nobody is awake to heat and eat it for me ๐Ÿ˜„.......well heat it that is I better get to do the eating or there will be world war 3.....diabetics sometimes get irationally hungry well thats me now I feel like Im starving despite supper and seconds ,I havent had much of an appetite for more than a week ,tuesday it came back I need a robot who can fetch and carry for me and massage my back ,wait Im suppose to have one of them ......its called husband ...he is currently snoring his little heart out ,Normally I dont hear since I snore louder than him or maybe we are a snoring duet perhaps I should ask the boys whether their parents snore in tandem perhaps I can package and sell it as a sleeping aid ,something like "U would rather sleep too than listen to these two ,perhaps I can train Tim to snore a xmas tune we could put it in a card and sell it on amazon yes nowadays u can sell all kinds of shit there. By the by, monday night I decided I would like a few oysters ,seafood allergies notwithstanding just to chuck them and hopefully find pearls. I googled oyster farms in the cape but they only talk about the oysters not pearls ,I want pearls preferably saltwater pearls ,its amazing what you can watch on youtube I learned last night that the British Royal family are part of a snake alien race and killed Diana cause she discovered their secret oh yes and ....she has a daughter living in the USA,ha u didnt know that.๐Ÿ˜‰ And then there is some really weird human youtubes of genetic abnormalities probably due to centuries of inbreeding Yep my friend I have verbal diarhea but the stupid arthritic fingers refuse to follow me any longer. So have a super day today . I hope you enjoyed this drivel that sprouted from my sleep deprived mind 1 and a half years ago a friend gave me an Orchid ,I decided to name her. She is strong feminine honorable caring and sincere so I decided to. Name her after the person who gave it to me I told Tim this evening,I mean last night all about how we had to cut the container open Chrislene is her name her poor roots were trapped ,It was basically operation Orchid ,๐Ÿ˜ช she almost died ,suffocated in her own dirt ,just to be clear here ,we are talking about the plant not the human๐Ÿ˜‚ a hacksaw had to be used with surgical presicion not to hurt her roots ,I was so nervous keeping an eye on the operation while the surgical assistant Tim JNR had to fill a container with soil , I had to say its not enough bring more and of course after all my poor Crissy's trauma I had to ensure soil fertility and all the accumalated youtube gardening info came into play ,I demanded aspirin ,Tim JNR asked what is aspirin ,I almost shouted disprin you idgit hurry up the transplant needs to happen as as the jaws of life a.k.a hacksaw has freed her from her once loving now killer home .well JNR could not find aspirin ,banana peels etc and was quite offended when I demanded/very firmly suggested that he brings me some of his teabags dont know what brand ,dont care ,it was triage time Chrissy could be deflowered for life if we didnt bury her quick ...ahem ...she didnt die.......she needs earth to a vampire ....she does not need blood ๐Ÿ˜ณ shucks blood ...I should have given her blood ,just think from orchid to blood orchid (remember the movie Hunt for the blood orchid in the amazonian jungle) But I digress JNR gave me four teabags ,demanded more for Crissy but he said I asked for some teabags and four is some๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ‘ฟ time was of the essence so rather than argue and fully aware that Colin will soon expose Chrissy , no soil left to cover her ,haste was called for ,I demanded JNR bring an egg and the idgit psuedo genius decide it was the time for him to crush an egg with his fist and could not do it at first try and since I did it once too I had to allow him his experimental moment otherwise.....paint me a mommy hypocrite.....the timebof exposure sprinted near ,I caution JNR to push his fist holding the egg deeper into the ex dirt bin and Mr Smart Aleck.....tried to backchat....u know ..todays children ,they have an opinion about nothing and everything and suffer a serious case of foot in mouth disease , needless to say egg spluttered/splat /exploded on me ,my single couch,my bed and on the floor and JNR gives a ruefull look grrrrr..........much as I really wanted to do much about nothing,after all I told him so ,yet another example of mother knows best ,TIME. Was not on my side I had to move on (To decant her in a bigger pot well actually a little dirt bin ,but I dont feel I offended her,I covered the bin in silver coloured wall paper and Since Tim JNR couldnt find the scissor or cellotape it was quite a haphazard job that does not bear close scrutinity but it matches the toilet tiles and still fits on the cistern top ,as u can gather silver coloured wallpaper also made it with me to cape town as well as paint brushes ,copper,gold and silver craft paint ,some painting canvasses,beads ,new shower curtains so that I can finally get rid of the chinese crap hanging there at the moment with better chinese crap probably with a proudly south african label,havent checked though. I have hopefully made you spontaneously laugh or smile and that makes your day start brighter than usual . But back to Chrissy she was finally laid to rest and I was satisfied I did my best by her and she will live to flower another day ,I applauded myself on a job well done ,sand on my bedroom floor ...hardening egg yolk(i didnt know how difficault it was to rub off once dry ) oh shit I just realise I didnt give Chrissy my best I didnt give her blood ,we could have had a blood bond ,Since I hate getting sore and Diabetics should not get cuts I will ask the family 3 hours from now to participate in blood letting ceremony just a few drops from each of them make the whole thing equitable and just basically to be fair to all of them ,they all have to sacrifise a drop or two its not like im asking a pint or two.......yep it should be clear to all the insanity of insomnia or am I a benign or benighted dictator. ๐Ÿ˜ณis this the shock emoji now in my sane moments im shocked too Well i think of it more as functional lunacy than sanity But according to my therapist im sane and the pain is causing insane moments ,he didnt want to give more medication ,he said "control the pain and sanity will prevail" Im really finding myself quite entertained writing this,oh yes I have also watched you tubes about gardening and malema ,I should be able to grow bean sprouts in a coke bottle ,extrapolate about Malemas growth and maturity as well as envy him the gastric bypass surgery that helped him lose that weight ,yep no more teletubby .....I will google alien abductions next ...some theorize thousands go missing yearly because earth is one giant cattle farm and humans an alien delicacy..hmmmm plausable? Possible ? Let's see what google say
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