losing your best friends

by , Saturday July 29, 2017
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Hey guys im knew to this but i just wanted to share this with people.

Do any of you know what it feels like to get real close to something and then it just disappears like it was never there. Well I do. My name is Michelle and I am going to share with you my story of losing my best friends over and over again. 

So I show Pigs at my county fair each year. Well i raise my animals for 6 months and being with something everyday for 6 months you form a bond with them. As fair week kept getting closer i prayed that the days would slow down so that i never had to get ride of my babies because they became my best friends the thing that i was with 24/7 they made me laugh and smile i shared so many memories with them in just 6 months from watching them grow from baby pigs into 271 and 249 pound pigs. I watched them get stuck in the mud and had to go in and get them out. As it became the week before fair i was excited because I was ready to see all of my friends from fair because i missed them. The week before fair flew by and then it was fair week and it was time to take them in i had  alot of fun the few days before show day i made alot of friends. But it was finaly show day and i cried because i knew that once it was over my best friends would be gone and i would never see them again. I ended up getting 2nd and 4th place with them but as wenseday night came to a end i went to my room and i cried myself to sleep because i knew that by thursday night he would be gone and then i would have to walk my other pig in the auction. As i went back up to the fair on Thursday night i was hoping that fat boy would be gone so i didnt have to tell him goodbye because it would be to hard to tell him bye. As i walked into the barn he was still in his pen and i ran over to him and i cried because he was still here and i was so happy to see him. As i sat in my pen i watched as they came around to get the pigs to load them up for the market truck. I sat there with my arms around him crying hoping that they woudnt see him. As they opened his pen door i grabbed onto him and never wanted to let go they walked up to me and the tapped him on his side to get him up. He put his nose against my face and he oinked and he walked out of his pen i got up and watched him walk up the trailer ramp and he disappered. 

What im getting to here is lose sucks.

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