July 2017

by , Sunday July 30, 2017
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July 2017

July Round Up

Looking back at all of the things which happened during July


In October 2016, a posted a blog which was a round up of all the things that happened during that month. At the end of the blog, I mentioned how I was going to try and do one for every month so I can let everyone know what is happening in my life, and so I can keep track of everything because I havea  terrible memory.

It is now July 2017. I have not made a single one of these blogs since eight or nine months ago.

But I'm going to make another one anyway, because I forgot how much I enjoyed blogging, and because some exciting things happened this month. I'm finally free from secondary school so I can now begin my life as a young adult.



Prom was a thing that happened. It happened on 7/7/17, which I loved because seven is my 'lucky' number.

Prom was slightly underwhelming. I walked into the building expecting it would be like the proms I grew up watching in American movies. What I ended up witnessing was a hundred or so bored teenagers sat outside and running around the grass (prom was held at a golf club) because it was too hot inside and the DJ wasn't playing any of the songs we requested.

I don't like a majority of the pictures from the night, but here's one that I completely adore.



​I went to Barcelona on July 14th for a week (technically, Tossa de Mar with one day in Barcelona itself) and it was another experience that I was looking forward to but was underwhelmed with. In summary, we spent more time on a coach getting there and back and going places than we did doing things.

And the teacher in charge of the trip (it was a leavers' trip with school) decided to set a bunch of rules that treated us like children and claim it was part of the hotel policy.

One of these rules included not going into the sea. We disagreed. Siempre vida, Barcelona.


Camp NaNo

Team Movellas were valiant writers. Many of us were successful. I don't know what possessed me to fill this out in Comic Sans.


Paper Forests

Speaking of Camp Nano, I've been uploading my project which is called 'Paper Forests'. I had a goal of 15,000 but, at the time of writing this, I'm at 22,000+. The blurb and cover are both a work in progress. I've entered it into the diversity competition, so I hope people enjoy it.

This story is based on 'The Paper Kingdom', the unreleased fifth My Chemical Romance album which Gerard Way described as "a concept record about a group of parents in a support group because they had all lost their children in a horrible way". The idea stuck with me ever since I heard about it, and then the story started to build itself.

I've spent months writing and rewriting the first chapter to make it perfect (you might have seen me uploading and then deleting the Movella a load of times), almost as if I'm trying to do justice for the album that was never released. That sounded way more dramatic than I intended.


Assorted Thoughts

  • July 2017 is Ice Cream Month and Sarcoma Awareness Month among other things. It includes days dedicated to chocolate, chocolate with almonds, sharks, and even taking your houseplant for a walk.
  • I've rediscovered by love for an indie rock band called The Hunna.
  • I think that 'Paper Forests' will be my next self-published novel, but I'm struggling to find a cover and the money to buy one.
  • BadassJem and IAmYourNemesis are two incredibly talented humans.


That's all I have to say for this month.

Goodbye for now.


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