Two Years of Movellas

by , Wednesday August 9, 2017
 Two Years of Movellas

Two Years of Movellas

Technically, I've been on Movellas for four or five years, but this account turns two today


I created this account on August 9th, 2015, as a fresh start from my old account. I can happily say that I don't regret it at all.


I haven't changed my bio at all since I made the account, except to add another date and some other things. I've been a social media ambassador for a year. I've won two Movellys. I've won a competition. I've completed and self-published my first novel. These are all great and exciting things, but I really want to focus on the 'about me' part of my bio.


I like words, I like them a lot. I hope for the best but expect the worse. I'm not good at talking about feelings so I post song lyrics, my favourite ones being the ones above. I think too much. I generally write the worlds I want to live in and the characters I wish were real. I find it impossible to be only a casual fan of things. I have a weird explosion of emotion whenever I get nice comments or any kind of compliment.


And, after having this account for two years, I can happily say that all of those things are still true. But my time on this site has made me aware of some new things, too.


I can now write whatever I want, writing fearlessly, if you wish. I'm louder, not in an obnoxious way, but in a way that makes me confident in expressing my opinions. I wrote a book and it's the only thing I can have a conversation about. I worry about sounding self-centred during those conversations, but now I feel comfortable talking about something I created rather than shying away from it. I still think too much, but now it's less about the negativity I've been clinging on to and more about the things that make me happy.


That's a summary of the things that Movellas has helped shape me into, because I still have the tendency to ramble on for ages.


So, thank you to everyone for the past two years. This sounds a lot like a leaving message, but I'll be hanging around for a lot longer yet.


Bye for now.



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