My Dear Gollum

by , Wednesday July 26, 2017
 My Dear Gollum

I wrote this because I'm feeling depressed right now and I want an outlet of my feels. This is about Gollum, Eeva's one and a half month old puppy. Btw, Eve is our doggy.

I've been living in the city for almost 8 years now. I was in college since 2009 and after I graduated, till I found a job, I only got to go home only once or sometimes, twice a month. Its a 3-hour drive from the city by bus.

Last month Eeva gave birth to 4 cute little puppies. I was about to return to the city then when she gave birth to them. They were so tiny with their eyes closed. It was Eeva's first pregnancy (lol) so we were worried if she could make it. Luckily she did. So I returned to the city after a quick glance at them.

The second time I went home they were still so tiny. Their eyes are still closed and I was so excited to see them grow up. When I went home after a month I learned that the 3 pups had died. I felt sad but there was nothing I could do but accept what happened. The remaining puppy, in which my pa named Gollum, was the only one left. The first time I saw him (actually its been a while), I was speechless. He looked like Gollum and Dobby combined lol. He had such big round, grayish eyes and he is sooo tiny! Everytime I see him I would always laugh because I find him ugly but at the same time he's cute.

Until such that I grew fond of him. He loves to sleep while I'm holding him. I would carefully wrap him with a clean cloth and let him lie next to me. But I became worried with his fragile body. He was too small I almost afraid I would break him while holding him. The day when I went back to the city was hard for me. I became attached to him that I don't want to go back and leave him. He was so utterly adorable I wish I can bring him with me.

Then something happened. I am planning to go back home this 1st of August. I am so excited to finally see him again! I always asked my cousin some updates about Gollum these past few days and he assured me that puppy was doing well.

But no. I think I cannot see him when I get there anymore. Because he left me already. My lil brother found him dead earlier this day. My poor Gollum. He did not wait for me. And it breaks my heart. I was so attached to him that his death devastated me.

My emotion is in turmoil right now. I only got to spend a few days with him. And now I'm crying. Rest in peace little Gollum. Even though the moments we spent were brief but I really loved you. You'll always be in my heart. 😭😭😭

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