hey everyone!!!!

With summer DEFINIETLY here, I want to share my Summer Survival Tips (or SST for short!!) with you guys!!!

OK, now that summer vacation is almost here, here are my SST for YOU guys!!! This is (hopefully!) what my summer will be like this year!!

1) Drink lots of chocolate milkshakes and eat plenty of cake and ice-cream!! (Because, really, who DOESNT like cake and ice cream?!)

2) Listen to Imagine Dragons summer playlist on repeat!!!!!!!(They are PERFECT and have so many summery songs!!)

3) Stock up on Imagine Dragons merch!!!

4) Go to the beach

5) Go on Movellas all day (and all night!!!)

6) Go on a road trip

7) Dont get the "lobster look"-for others, that means dont get too sunburnt!!!

8) Enjoy the heat

9) Spend most of your time with friends and boyfriend

10) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

I would go on, but I dont wanna bore you guys to death!!! BTW, you dont actually have to do anything on this list, it's just something i put together back in January! It's my own personal list that I wanna share with you guys!!!!

Keep dreaming and dont let anyone stop you!!


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