Winners of our Beauty & the Beast Competition

Winners of our Beauty & the Beast Competition

We've read all of your wonderfully romantic stories - now it's time to hear who won the writing competition



This competition came about around the same time the new Beauty & the Beast movie hit theatres. We wanted to celebrate the new movie, while at the same time calling for more stories that centered on similar themes; romance, mystery, fantasy, fanfiction - this competition had it all. But unlike the cheerful ending of the movie, not all the entries in this competition ended on a happy note because love isn't something that fits inside the frame of a fairy tale and what we loved to see was just how diverse your entries were when it came to the subject of beauty and the beast... 


Wondering what we mean? Check out the amazing entries that won this competition and you will find not only some great reading for mid-Summer, but also some heartbreaking stories that are in dire need of an update now that the competition results have been announced. Winners will receive books and giftcards from Amazon. We hope that you enjoyed this writing competition on Movellas - thank you to all those who took part.



1st Place

Over the Eclipse by Jordye




2nd Place

Beauty in the Beast by Ace Ambrose




3rd Place

The Wanderers by NamesFromGraves




Below are two worthy mentions from this competition that are also awesome stories to read, comment, and like <3

Broken Walls by Sabitha.K


Love's Perfect Imperfections by Carmen Fuchsia





The winners will be contacted by email.

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