The Importance Of Words

by , Tuesday July 18, 2017
The Importance Of Words

Words Are Powerful!

So, basically, this is just something I wrote a while back. It's just a motivational quote about the importance of words. Enjoy!



        I’ve heard many people complaining that no one ever hears what they have to say. Well, they’re wrong. The truth is people always hear what you have to say.  They hear you, but they don’t truly listen. That’s the problem with the world today, everything is just in one ear and out the next. Words are a powerful thing. You can build empires and tear them down. They hold meaning and are the keepers of magic the world has yet to possess. We just don’t listen. Instead, we let small insignificant things control our lives. We listen to the people who can talk for hours on end and still say nothing of meaning. We listen to music made by people that talk of luxury and riches. They tell you of a perfect world that doesn’t exist. They whisper things in your ear; lies. You don’t realize it because you are mesmerized by the pretty tune. They tell you drugs are okay and you get caught up in the lie fed to us since we are old enough to understand the words. But you only end up miserable and unsatisfied. Words are powerful. They control you. They tell you-you are worthless. Ugly. Unloved. They lead you to believe the only way anyone could ever love you is if you buy this product, wear these clothes, act this way. You are sucked into these lies and you fall into a dull drum, following the others around you. You have lost your uniqueness and turned into someone unrecognizable, pushing away the people who actually matter, but at least you “fit in”. Words can kill. They cut like a knife. They make people hurt, they make people bitter, they take away your joy, and make you small. The smallest comments will create the most damage. It will sit at the back of your mind and drive you insane. Picking at you bit by bit. Some hang themselves, shoot themselves, overdose…cut too deep and even jump off high places. Words can kill. Words are not evil, it just depends on how you use them. They can be beautiful, too. You can create infinite universes and stir up hope in places that look as though there is no hope left. You can rise kingdoms up out of the ashes. You can tell of faraway places with heroes and villains and creatures never seen by the human eye. You can go on adventures. That’s why I love books so much. Authors have the most power. They tell you stories and open your minds to things you had no knowledge of. They move you to help not hinder. Words are powerful. Make yourself heard. Use this power for good, not for evil or your own selfish ambitions. Build people up, don’t tear them down. Be tentative to the people around you. Listen to everyone’s story. Stop and listen. Because you just might learn something. Block out all the evil from your minds and drown out all the lies. Tell stories and lead people to a brighter future. Go on your adventures. Words are a powerful thing. So use them.


Thank you for reading this blog! I don't do this often, but I figured I could try. I hope you enjoyed it! :)  


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