Finding Time

by , Monday July 17, 2017
Finding Time

Why can't life pause?

If time were a person I'd kick its butt and tie it so it couldn't move. However time is not a person and honestly I can't harm a fly. So how can I manage time or find time to do the things I love? I work two jobs and will be attending college in the fall. Welcome to the life of a young adult mates.

So let me be honest, I dont remember the days anymore. I dont remember what I last ate, besides this jolly rancher flavored pop tart beside me. I dont even remember the last song I listened to. Time is so short. I feel I have to do things that take longer than the day given. So ive decided to plan my day out like the crazy neat freaks who want things to be perfect......


Well according to movies I should say.


My list included (Dont judge me damn it):


Go to work. (I sometimes have 12 hour work days)

Visit my friend. (I only have one friend. Well best friend)

Go to the bank.

School priorities. (So much time into this not even funny)




Rinse and repeat.


See after I go to the bank i'm runnnnig on sleep from deep down in my childhood days. I use to write stories and poetry all the time. Now I'm turning into a bitter adult robot. Take me to your leader so I can find some shelter and rest.

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