Harry Styles' New Album: A Review

by , Wednesday July 12, 2017
Harry Styles' New Album: A Review

A Review of Harry Styles' Self-Titled Solo Album

You've likely heard a bit of Harry's new album already, now read a review of it by our own Kierstinnn



Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album is better than almost anyone thought it would be. My boyfriend (an avid “I don’t like One Direction” guy) said “Each time I listen to the album, I realize a bit more just how good it is.” That’s saying something.


The album easily ranks among the best albums released in the first half of 2017 (number 4 on Rolling Stone’s top 50) for its soft rock sound and powerful vocals. So, here’s my breakdown of all 10 songs from the album Harry Styles.



Meet Me in the Hallway

This song is a solid starter for the album. Realistically, there’s no better song to show just what Harry Styles is all about (though, my boyfriend would argue that Only Angel should be the first song; I disagree). The song showcases the raw vocals that Styles showcases throughout most of the album and has standout lyrics ‘cause once you go without it / nothing else will do. Plus, the way he sings the first ‘maybe’ of the song is my favorite bit of the entire album.


Sign of the Times

I’ll be honest here: I tried to avoid this song when it came out. Like many, I was thrilled when I found out that Harry was releasing solo music. Though I considered myself a “Niall girl” in the One Direction fandom, Harry’s voice had always been my favorite. I’d read reviews saying that the album had more of an indie/rock vibe than pop, and I couldn’t have been more excited to hear the album. But, that’s just it: I wanted to hear the album. Not the singles from it. However, I did hear it on the radio and fell in love (just like the rest of the world). I will say, however, that it’s easily the most boring track on the album. But it’s not boring, at all. I hope that makes sense to you all.



This might not be the shortest song on the album (it might be, I’m not totally sure what is), but it definitely feels like it’s the shortest. I’d read various reviews calling this song the standout hit from the album, but I disagree. It’s a good song. It falls into a good place for the third song, as it’s one of the more upbeat songs on the album, and it’s good. For me, however, the song falls into just good. It may be because this song houses my personal least favorite lyrics (but she says I remind her of home / feeling oh so far from home), but this song is just good.


Two Ghosts

It seems that I’ve started out by saying how great this album is, and then proceeded to be difficult on the first four songs of the album, but at this point I’d like to say that I am a fan of all of the songs so far, but Two Ghosts is where I really start to get into it. Lyrically, this is my favorite song on the album (I’m just trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat). This song resonates as someone who is searching for love and just can’t find it. Overall, the album tells this story. Harry’s looking for love, finds it, and then loses it again. The rumors say that this song may be about Taylor Swift, despite the fact that most of the album is not about her, shows that he had tried with quite a few people to feel love, but still hasn’t.


Sweet Creature

The second single off of the album, Sweet Creature is my favorite song in general on the album. This is mostly due to the vocals by Harry. It’s short, generally happier than the rest of the album (as it seems this might be the only song where he seems hopeful about whoever the romantic partner might be), and lyrically describes what it’s like to be in a decent relationship.


Only Angel

As aforementioned, my boyfriend thinks that this should be the first song on the album. This is because, in his words, the first minute is angelic and sweet, and then it comes in saying “this is Harry Styles, and this is what I’m about.” Still, Meet Me in the Hallway exemplifies what the album is about more, but this is one of two songs where Harry sort of gets into some harder rock - something that I desperately hope Styles will explore on a sophomore album. His vocals are largely uneditied and raw, which showcases that, yes, Harry Styles from One Direction is meant to be a rock singer. That rock scream? He’s got it. Don’t believe me? Listen to Only Angel.



Here it is: the most rock that we get to see Harry Styles on his debut album. This song is filled with fantastic lyrics (She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes / hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect, hard candy dripping on my til my feet are wet, it’s like I paid for it / it’s like I paid for it / I’m gonna pay for this, when she’s alone she goes home to a cactus, etc.). The song also has the lyrics I’m having your baby / it’s none of your business, which may suggest that an accidental pregnancy was part of the reason this relationship ended, but I don’t want to look too far into it. It makes me sad, and the final song does enough of that for me.


Ever Since New York

The last song really makes me sad, but this one gets to me also. While in general, the song is relatively forgetful (which is something on my end about my taste in music. I want to recognize right now that this is a great song in all aspects), the phrase I’ve been praying / I never did before / Understand I’m / talking to the walls / I’ve been praying / ever since New York is one of the best sets of lyrics on the album.



This song is great. From the speech at the beginning (Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we find?) through all of the woman’s and la la la’s in the song, it’s fantastic. The beat is my favorite on the whole album and it’s reminiscent of Prince’s Do Me, Baby (that piano, though). But, it’s not up to par lyrically with the rest of the album, to be completely honest.


From the Dining Table

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: The best song on the album. It’s not my favorite (right now, I’m in the happy type summer music mood), but it easily could (and probably should) be everyone’s favorite song on the album. This song is the one that makes you feel something for Harry Styles. What is it, you may ask? Is it jealousy at his fame, how many girls he can get, or all of the money he has? Nope. It makes you feel sad for him. Sad for Harry Styles. The opening lyrics are the most vulnerable he is on the entire track, and are sung with such embarrassment and humility that they’re easily the most powerful lyrics on the entire album (Woke up alone in this hotel room / played with myself, where were you? / Fell back to sleep, I got drunk by noon / I’ve never felt less cool). The album cycles back to the place in the beginning of the album where Harry had been searching for someone to stay with him, but alas, they had left him in the hallway back then, and nothing’s changed now.


The album started out with Harry feeling alone and sad, and cycles back to him feeling that way at the end. This is the most promising song on the album (though, all of it is fantastic, it would be nice to see more of this actual emotion in all of Styles’ songs) and shows that wherever this already famous boybander goes, it can only be up from here. At least, I hope that’s where he goes, because I’ve never felt sadder for anyone.



      5/5 stars



Thank you to Kierstinnn for writing this review and designing the banner :)

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