Story of the Month for July

by , Saturday July 8, 2017
Story of the Month for July

Our Story of the Month for July

It's short, it's sweet, and it's worth the two minutes it takes to read!



Summer is in full swing, and is it really July already?! This season has us all busy enjoying the outdoors, re-reading our favorite books (or some awesome new ones), and otherwise relaxing after plenty of hard work and accomplishments this year. July's theme is revelry and not just because many of us are joining in the festivities that are a part of celebrating this magnificent season, but also because in addition to being a noun, our theme is also a verb and so we like to revel on the mysteries that come with life, the depths of thought we've all explored, and enjoy the magic happening right before us. This "story" of the month isn't so much a story, it's a poem and a short one at that, but you should never judge good reading based on length, and this one is worth checking out as it delves into one of our favorite realms of reading, dreams.


The Story of the Month we're talking about is a short poem that was an honourable mention in the Strange the Dreamer Writing Competition from this last Spring. There were many good entries in the competition and we particualrly liked this one, and encourage you to let this poem take you into someone else's dream where the struggle is for love and the layers of meaning are there if you take the time to discover them.



A poem about one of my most memorable dreams... A dream I had of two people fighting for love.



July's Story of the Month

Dream by Sabitha.K



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