Have You Heard Audio Stories on Movellas?

by , Friday September 1, 2017
Have You Heard Audio Stories on Movellas?

Have You Heard Audio Stories on Movellas?

We've tuned in to a whole new way to tell stories and now we're wondering what you all think of the new feature



From Sony Music and our own talented writers on Movellas, we've brought Audio Stories to life. It's stories just like the ones you read here in our community, only instead of reading you're getting to listen to them - and not just on Movellas either, but any other of your favorite streaming platforms.


After a lot of work with our writers, speakers, and a recording studio, we're finally live! Now you can listen to them right here on Movellas by clicking on the Audio Stories icon in the main menu above.


And now, after all this anticipation and excitement, it's official. Maybe some of you have listened to the audio stories in our first release - any favourites to recommend? 



We'd love to hear what you think, so comment below!



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