Site glitched...?

by , Friday July 7, 2017
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 Site glitched...?

Does the Universe not want me to write about Hamilton?

So, I was gonna' make a one-page Movella about the re-occuring lyrical symbols in Hamilton, and the site won't let me type into the part where the text is supposed to be. I click into it and press buttons, and nothing happens. If it doesn't work here, I'm posting it on Wattpad. Just fyi.

Honestly, I just wanted to feel like anyone ever cares about what I post, so I decided to write this thingy.
Uhm, I've been sorting out my poems & songs. Slowly copying them into actual notebooks. 3 per day.

I can't get used to the fact that it's Summer vacation and not just a regular school break. By the time I'll get used to it, we'll be going back to school, I bet.

Arright, I don't actually have anything eklse for now, sooo yeah, byeh.

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