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Hi My Name Is Ellie, I feel like I've hit breaking point in life and I'm only 13 years old.I've dealt with being abused,lieing to all my friends,hating my family,running away numorous time, arguing,fighting,secrets and Depression.This is not me looking for sympathy, I want to hopefully help people who are currently dealing with this and need advice.i Hope this is helpful.Let's start at the beginning not right at the beginning but near.I'm going to start by talking about being abused so I was sexually abused for over 9 years by my Taid (Grandfather but I call him Taid)but sadly I wasn't the only member out of my family 17 other family members were also so far as we know maybe more were but I hope not,anyway that includes my mum,cousin and anti the diffrence between me and them is I was the first to tell and the youngest I was nine when I told I can't remember why I told but I'm glad I did.The night I told was the worst night ever,everyone was crying and I had to go to the police I was very young and scared I didn't help that the had to take evidence.Two years later the case was meant to go to court and I was meant to go and testive but he pleaded guilty and that was that intill I started feeling lonely and I started cutting I got at that point that there was no point living but before that I had no friends in school I was so lonely I fell out with my 3 best friends in primary caitlin , angharad and lowri (Who's my best friend this day)To make friends I decided to tell people I was pregnant by one of my brother's friends I know I was stupid I shouldn't have said that but I just couldn't deal with having no one to talk to then the police found out and the had a chat with me and that was that it was sorted but I guess people still go on about it but the know why I did it now.That's all I'm going to write this week but I hope u enjoyed it If u want to contact my personally email will be down below and if there's anything pacific thing u want me to write about let me know

Thanls for reading 

Ellie xxx

More info about my taid from police perspective: last name isn't pendlebury my mum married and chaned surnames






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