My Captivator

by , Friday June 30, 2017

My Captivator

“Please? Please! I’ll pay ransom, I’ll do anything, just please let me go!” I cried. Tears streamed down my flushed cheeks only to be dried by the cool, chilling wind.

“I’m sorry.” The look on his face was torn between pure disgust, and determination. He reached into his back pocket. “You’ll learn to trust me.” He spoke then lifted his hand to my nose and mouth covering them with a cloth. I remembered seeing this before on T.V. He was using a chemical to make me pass out. I held my breath and tried not to breath but the pressure in my lungs was too much. I took one breath and that’s all I needed. My muscles relaxed and my vision spurred as I slowly began to fall into the arms of my captivator.


Happy Friday!! New to teh blog life if you couldn't tell. I don't know much abou tblogging or how to blog or even much about blogging... But I do know that I like to stand out. If everyone else know how to blog and is good at it, then maybe my awful version of the blog will rise above the crows... Or I may just make a fool of myself.

A little about me... I am 21 years old and living life to teh fullest is one of my greatest qualities. i haven't quite gone hiking up Mount Everest, or swam across the Great Barrier Reef or even bungee Jumped, but I love anything that involves adventure and food. That counts as living life to the fullest, right?

Now, onto the above exerpt. The small exerpt is from a book I have been writing for over four years now!! I'd love to say I have loved every waking minute of writing My Captivator, but that would be a lie. Can you say extreme writers block?? I have the entire book finished, but am in the process of revising it... So far I have over ten chapters done and ready to read on the competitor webiste Wattpad... Don't judge me, I only want what is best for my book.. 

If you enjoyed the little exerpt from My Captivator, then you can enjoy it on Wattpad. Just look up bbleg777 and click on the stories I have written! I will be updating it as often as my crazy, adventurous life will let me. Have a wonderful day and please, take a deep breath adn chill, life is only as good as you make it!

Morgan S.

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