Hate Ends Now

by , Tuesday June 27, 2017
 Hate Ends Now

Hate Ends now

Warning: contains triggering content

Hate ends now

Warning: contains triggering content

I have received 68 hate comments today.

Yes, 68 comments all because I happen to be part of the LGBT community.

And that is just today. I've gotten way more than just 68 if we were talking about all days combined.


Today, I've been told to slit my wrists, to hurt myself, that I deserve to be gassed, that I deserve to get raped and killed... All because I mentioned that I am gay.


Now, I am not using "being gay" as an excuse. Because here's the problem. Most of the comments are people saying that I have a disorder for having straight people.


Did I ever say that I hate straight people? Did I ever say that I think straight people are different?


No. You're using sexuality as an excuse to say these cruel things. "You're only yelling at me because I'm straight." No, I'm not. I'm yelling at you because you told me to slit my wrists. I don't give two shits about your sexuality.


How do people think it's okay to do this? Why do people think it's okay to go "What is a minor doing on here saying she's gay? Reported." I bet you behind that screen, you're some bratty 12 year old. 


Hate ends now guys, and I want this to start with the Movellas community. I want us to exceed and continue further into the light called Freedom. Freedom from hate. Freedom from violence. Freedom to be whoever we can be.


Race, skin color, sexuality, gender, religion... none of it matters!


I'm not a liberal, don't call me a "disgusting liberal".

I'm not a republican, don't call me a "republicunt". 

I'm not Jewish, don't call me a "disgusting Jew who needs to be gassed."


I am human.

I am an athiest. 

I am pansexual.

I am genderfluid.

I have Russian blood.

I am blind.

I have diabetes.

I am bipolar.

But in the end, I am still just as human as you are.


No matter who we are, what we look like or what we believe in, we are all human.


I'm an athiest but I respect and support all religions. 

I'm LGBT but I still have more straight friends than LGBT friends.


Because why does it metter? Why do people focus on these things? Why do people focus on them to hate on them? I just don't understand it.


Please, comment down below what you think about this. What do YOU want to do to put all of this hate and discrimination to an end?


I will NOT hide who I am because somebody told me I have a mental disorder. Because I'm a human. 


Thank you for reading. 


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