Winners of the Cover Competition!

by , Thursday June 29, 2017
Winners of the Cover Competition!

Announcing the Winners of our Cover Design Competition!

We've judged your awe-inspiring covers - and there were a lot of them! Want to hear who won?



This competition had a challenging and very different theme from our other competitions on Movellas. Most of the time it's about writing, who can piece together the best plot and what not, but when it comes to stories on our site, another component comes into play. We call stories - be them fanfics or regular stories - movellas, and each and every movella has its own cover. This can seem like a minor part of everything, but isn't the cover of any book super important? For one thing, it's the first impression users will get of your story and there's a whole lot you can express in designing covers.


We asked you all to create your own covers for this competition and there were so many different and amazing ones that judging who was the best out of them all was more than difficult. This is part of why we have some honorable mentions below that you should definitely have a look at too! Many of you designed covers that really shone, even with the themes of "heartbreak" and "darkness." One thing that makes us all better designers (and ironically enough, better writers) is getting lots of practice, so even if you didn't win this one, your design skills were on display in this competition, they have been recognized, and we all would like to see more of them :) 


The winners are receiving Amazon giftcards and other surprise prizes. We hope you all have enjoyed this competition on Movellas - thank you to everyone who participated with their cover designs.



Best Cover

Like CLockwork by H A N N A H




Runner Up

Only I will Remain by Naz.Cris




Runner Up

Ice Cold by Pokémon_Trainer




Below are two awesome honorable mentions from this competition...

Tell Him Everything by ChristinaH



The Island by Sabitha.K





Winners will be contacted by email.

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