by , Sunday September 3, 2017

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"They're just doing for attention"

When I sit in that class, and hear you say those words, you don't know. All you are is a spoiled little girl that thinks the world is always focused on you. Maybe it is because you're a drama queen. You told me that people who are deppressed should just get over it. But how the fuck can we. You don't understand that there is a voice inside our head telling us stuff like. "You look fat, You shouldn't even get out of bed today, People are you going think you look weird." and we listen to these voices. Why? because it's an illness, we trust these voices, they have always been there telling us stuff, so why wouldn't? You just think that the whole world would be perfect if everybody would be like, but how can we if we didn't grown up with our parents spoiling us, and always having supported friends. You just managed to be perfect and everybody else didn't. I hope you have fun living your little perfect life and not caring about whats going on outside your little bubble.                                                                                                                       (((((Authors Note- this is just a rant about girl in my debate class, I deal with mental illnesses everyday and I hate when she says stupid coments like this is just ticks me off so write about to calm and I have decided to publish so here you go)))))





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