A Blog For Diversity Month!!

by , Friday June 23, 2017
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 A Blog For Diversity Month!!

Diversity Is Our Strength! 

Why live in a world that is censored from love?

Hey everyone, it's your girl here. So I've been seeing a lot about Pride month, and thought of no better way to express my appreciation than to write a blog!


I've been in the LGBT+ community for about eight years now. I discovered I was Bsexual in the third grade, but then made the discovery that I was Pansxual. Pansexual basically means, to me, that I am gender-blind. Meaning, I base my attraction on personality, over gender. So it doesn't matter if you're a girl, guy, non-binary, trans, or anything in between! But um... paws off because my boyfriend will totally kill you *wink!*. 


So, I've always been a strong believer in the sense that people are free to do what they want, unless they are limiting people's rights, freedom, or life. If you wanna be gay, be gay. If you wanna be trans, be trans. If you want to kiss a dog, then kiss a- okay well.... no, that's gross. 


But people should have the liberty of doing WHATEVER they want as long as they are not harming others. And news flash to the homophobes... kissing the same sex isn't harming anyone. 


I've been with a girl before, and recieved some hate. So what? If at the end of the day I'm screwing a girl behind closed doors, what's it to anyone else? Yes, I am with a male now, but that doesn't make me any less Pansexual. I still believe in LGBT rights, and forever will. The LGBT community has helped me make a ton of realizations about myself, and about who I want to be. It's my choice who I love, and it's your choice who you love. Let no one stop you.


As I like to say: keep your chin up, princess (or prince). Or else the crown will slip. 


You're beautiful, and colorful, in every single way. Let no one dull your colors and let no one tell you that you are wrong. Love is love, afterall, as they all say. And it couldn't be more true. Love is beautiful. Love is.... love. There's no other way to explain it. Love is genderless. Love has no boundaries. Be diverse, be different. It's not a crime to be different. 


I think that's all I'd like to say on this topic. Until next time, everyone. 




Okami Freer (Amanda) 

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