How to Keep Writing

by , Friday June 23, 2017
How to Keep Writing

How to Keep Writing

A quick blog post on how to plan, organize, and keep going - even when it's difficult to write


Many of us on Movellas have busy lives and not much time to actually write. If your fictional characters refuse to leave you alone, it can be frustrating when you haven't the time to simply write down those damn chapters.


For me, I find it important to always write down ideas and phrases before they fade. I jot things down on post-it notes (or as I call it, Post-it quotes :) and then stick them into my notebook with a letter next to it representing which story the quote is for. Not only is this method easy, it's also effective in helping you to remember ideas, and satisfying to look at. Seriously satisfying.



Another way of preserving ideas is to draw out flow charts of how the chapters are going to progress. Using hints of dialogue and lots of arrows, I find that you can always pick up from where you left off if you plan ahead and circle the last bit of the story you were at.


But my number one tip has to be: keep writing

On a bus? Get your notebook out.

Read before bed? ...Why not write for ten minutes instead.


Even if you write short stories or even novels, a constant flow of words is important. The more you write each day means the sooner you will finish and the sooner your piece will be completed. The more you write each day also means the sooner you can write a writer’s favourite two words:

 ‘The End’


Thank you to w0lverine for writing this easy & helpful guide

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