Evolve Countdown: 11 Days To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so so excited right now!!!!

Basically, I'm a massive, massive fan of this awesome band called Imagine Dragons (some of you may of heard of them). And, on 23rd June, they are bringing out a new album called Evolve!!!!!! I am so, so excited, because before they released Believer (One of the songs), it felt like they were gone forever!

I know i should have probably started this sooner, but now it's even more exciting because it's so close!!!! So, basically, I'm doing a countdown from now until the 23rd June (NEXT FRIDAY!!!). Hopefully i can get any other Firebreathers (Imagine Dragons fans) even more excited, as i feel like stuff like this gets more tense when it's so close. So....as you can probably see because it's so big, the countdown is at the top. Happy counting down!!!(If you want.)




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