Little Things to Help Writing

by , Sunday June 11, 2017
Little Things to Help Writing

Just some common and some uncommon tips on how to focus and help with writing!


Some common things people do include:

- Put on a good music playlist or background noise, something I recommend is instrumental music or rain sounds, some writers I know will put on Youtubers (like ones that read creepy stories) quietly in the background just to have something to listen to

- Some people like silence which is why some people choose to write at night. Writing late at night / early in the morning is a good way to calm down and listen to the silence if that's what you like, plus it's cooler at night so you won't overheat or get sweaty especially in the summer

- In conjuction, some people like darkness when they write so another tip is to change the brightness on your device and stay in a dark, cool area to write, it works wonders.

- In contrast, some people like warmth and bright areas, I suggest going outside to write, just not when it's too hot!

- Make sure you're comfy, sit how you want to sit, just don't hurt yourself!

- Take breaks to keep yourself from getting lathargic; go pet your cat or dog, go check on family members, make your bed, anything to get up from your computer and move around a bit! 


Some uncommon things people do are:

- Light a candle or turn on a wax warmer, a good smelling room can work wonders on your writing, choose a scent that's calming for you to get you in the writing spirit

- Have a snack nearby, I know when I'm writing I tend to forget about eating because I get too into my writing which causes me to be weak later on, always be sure to have something nearby to snack on. A snack can help boost your energy as well as get your mind to focus and get the creative juices flowing!

- Keep your phone or other devices away from you while writing, I know some of us may be tempted by our devices and want to check things but avoiding them can help you. Also, if you can, avoid checking things while you're on your computer as well which is much harder since you'll most likely be writing on your PC

- Look away from your screen every once in a while to avoid eye strain, it's best to stare at a point or an object on a wall on the opposite side of the room for a few seconds or minutes to rest your eyes and let them adjust. If you wear glasses normally, wear them when using your computer to avoid eye strain as well (as long as you can without getting a headache)

- Just start writing what's on your mind! It doesn't even have to be relevant to the story you're stuck on, I've learned that just writing out whatever you're thinking is a good way to get the creative juices flowing!



So, there are a few tips I know of to help with writing and just remember the main rule: Always remember to rest and not over exert yourself! Don't try to force yourself to write if you're not up to it! 



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