How to:  Deal with Writer's Block

We all have it! Here are some things I've learned to get over Writer's Block.

Over the past four months I've been on here I've learned a lot about how to deal with writer's block. So I want to share some of them with you!


1) The End

I don't remember who told me this but someone mumbled one day that if you know how it will begin and how it will end then the middle part will be easy because it's the stuff that leads up to the ending. I've tried it and it works!


2) Make a list 

Another thing I find that will help is if you write a list of what all you want to happen. When you are done then when you are stuck you can look back on that list and it will give you an idea what you want to do for that chapter.


3) Everyday things

Songs, books, and everyday things you see can help you think of words you probably haven't thought about. I sometimes read books to see what authors use instead of said so much. And if you learn about how people met and got together it might give you an idea on how you want to put two characters together. 


4) Save two

I just learned it is easier for me if I wrote two chapters and saved them as a draft and then just publish one chapter and wait until I write another to publish the other. So you always have one saved until you want to publish it.


5) Telling 

This one is for the people like me that use point of view(POV) for the characters but I learned it is like you are telling a story to a friend. You would tell your friend as many details as you can and as clear as you can. That is just the same for books too. You tell your readers a story as clear and as many details as possible. Your character is telling their story to the readers like you to a friend.


6) You're your first fan

You are the writer. You should write what you want to write. Not what everyone else wants to read. That is just going to be hard on you because you have no idea how to write what they want. So you write what you want to write and your readers will read it. I watched a lot of people trying to write something they didn't like writing about and it made me so sad for them because it shouldn't be about the views. It should be about having fun and loving what you are doing. 


That is all I have for you guys. Hope this sort of helps :)


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