Homosexual literature should be bigger than ever this 2017

Since we have comics from the DC world like Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, all of these different characters that have both bisexual or lesbian habits, surely elsewhere in the world we should also have comics that are far more pro-sexuality or pro-gender differences in the world. But yes we have some, but not enough, not yet.

We even have side-characters in books, like Magnus and Alec (The Mortal Instruments), Basil Hallward (The Picture of Dorian Gray), Luis Carruthers (American Psycho), ((Though there is Brokeback Mountain, and a few others that are mainly LGBT+)), Harold Hutchins (Captain Underpants series), etc. There are many more but this isn't going to go on forever. So here i think that this year, though it is almost over, should be the year of the homosexual, bisexual books. I have yet to read about a strong female character who either has no love interest or is gay.



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