The Starry Sky

by , Friday June 9, 2017
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The Starry Sky

I have a question

Well, hello there.

I have an important question for the masses and the few who may or may not really have much to say, and even the ones who like to be loud and heard. There are some things that I think need to be answered as far as philisophical-like questions like; Why was there anything to begin this world?

That, I believe, is a great question, but we all ignore it or just give an answer that satisfies us. We answer it with a reason of sorts and we never really specify what that may be.

Hello, my name is Starry Night. I am only young, I know nothing compaired to may people, to most people. There's just something that really bothers me, though. I am seventeen, I am the offspring of hell and wonder itself. The only place that has always been mine is where I see as but a sky full of stars where then do I only see myself as a being of matter, of meaning even in the slightest. My life has consisted of living hell and small amounts of heaven.

The presence of disease that eats all who obtain it into a grave, early or not-so-early. It kills and destroys all who around around it, the people around the infected tend to be destroied in the long run, and it tears at your skin and flesh as if it were supposed to be something, to mean something.

I guess I'm here to be a voice for my fellow strange creatures, weirdos, social outcasts, social rejects, and even the oppressed for merly breathing and exsisting. In due time will you discover why, but everyone needs someone, even the cruelest and the lonliest do.

I am Starry Night, all of the above. I will never show you my face, but know my name and allow me to know yours. I am here for all of you who can relate to me. Trust me when I say this; You're not alone.

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