It's Diversity Month!

by , Thursday June 8, 2017
It's Diversity Month!

Diversity Feature Month

It's June already and we have an awesome lineup blogs for you all


This June on Movellas, we’re going to be celebrating diversity in books and media with a feature month! Representation is hugely important for many readers; everyone has characters they connect with and characters they don’t, but for people in minority groups, finding characters to relate to can be very difficult. The greater variety of identities we can bring to literature, the better chance there’ll be a character everyone can see themselves in!


The month will be split into four weeks, each focusing on a different type of diversity. We’re kicking things off with a week to celebrate LGBT+ representation, which is a great start to Pride Month! After that, we’ll move onto another three weeks concentrating on racial diversity, religious diversity, and disabilities (both mental and physical). Look out for blogs about how to represent minority groups in your writing, diversity in media, book recommendations, and more!


Read any diverse Movellas lately? If so, leave a comment below to tell us the name of the piece and who wrote it - and let us know why you loved reading it! At the end of the month, we’ll go through your comments and compile a list of your favourite diverse Movellas, putting them together in a blog so everybody can read them.


Thank you to DragonSoulJess for writing this intro and Prodigy for designing the banner!

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